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How To Make +10$ In 5 Minutes!

Make $40 profit from 5 minutes work, (requires spending $5)

This comes from an offerwall site called freeskins. Sign up here: 

  1. Sign up at freeskins ( )
    (non referral link )
  2. Click earn, head over to the Revenue Universe Offerwall.
  3. Sort by highest paying or look for “Stash”
    (Should be worth around 41,000 coins) (1,000 coins=$1)
  4. Follow the instructions and make sure to depost >$5
  5. You’ll get an email from Stash, delete your account if you want, and you can withdraw the $5.
  6. You’ll be credited the 41,000 coins with a 30 day hold (there is a hold for any banking/deposit offer completed due to people charging back)
  7. Withdraw through paypal, bitcoin, ethereum, + many many more. (Daily withdrawals and active support on freeskins)

TIPS: Use real information, do not use a VPN or multiple accounts, follow the instructions in the box must deposit at least $5

You will still get full use of Stash !

Other offers I suggest:
On Revenue Universe, there are MANY casino offers like Harrah’s Casino where if you deposit $25, you get 40k coins ($40). That’s guaranteed $15 profit and you get to gamble. There are a lot of these casino offers which are all easy to do.

Sign up for Aspiration and deposit $10 for 70,000 coins ($70)
Sign up for Ground level and deposit $10 for 20,000 coins
Sign up for Norton Lifelock for $9 for 29,000 coins
On the Offertoro wall, sign up for eToro and deposit $200 for $151 in coins (You don’t lose the $200, it is on a a crypto/investing platform that you can just withdraw from)

I suggest avoiding any app offers as they are intangible or generally require in-app purchases that make it not worth your time. However, these do credit your coins right away.

There is an offer on some of the walls to make a purchase on nordvpn for $18 in coins. (must be a new user to nord)

Not that this is the best way of making money, but I’ve cashed around $250 from the site.
(Proof below)

Withdrawals (cut off to not show my email):



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